I feel very fortunate and privileged to have lived and worked in and around north east England and Southern Scotland for most of my life. The area has some wonderful open spaces with unspoilt countryside and a coastline that is just superb for all sorts of outdoor activities.
I enjoy walking and getting out into the wild and remote parts. I particularly like getting out onto the sea in my Kayak where some of the most spectacular scenery can be viewed first hand, a lot of my inspiration for paintings comes from journeying on the sea, being there and experiencing nature first hand leaves a strong imprint in my mind and a desire to get back for more. I love to try and convey the beauty of these places with different painting mediums for all to enjoy.
You will find a collection of images on these pages, some recent and some from a while back. Some may still be available so please enquire if you are interested in any of them.

Happy viewing,